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About Ben Carpenter

I started working in the fitness industry by becoming a ‘Gym Assistant’ at a very small, local leisure centre. The role was essentially a guardian of the gym and involved answering questions, cleaning and admin work. As this was before I had taken any formal qualification I was unable to write any programmes or help clients with exercises. Already being a keen weight trainer I was more than happy to assist people with any problems they had and aimed to improve their exercise regimes. This was well received yet I was told that I was actually going further than necessary to guide people and taking more steps than any of the other staff chose to do.

This spurred me on to take my first formal fitness qualification, the Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy. Upon completing this I decided to go straight into my first Personal Training job at LA Fitness in Oxford. I had started at an age which was regarded as high risk because very few trainers younger than 21 lasted more than six months in the job. I made it my goal to turn the fortune of the Personal Training scheme around in a club which it had simply “never worked”. I became the most popular trainer within the club in a very short space of time and created enough demand to bring in more trainers to facilitate this. Over the next year and a half I was appointed the Personal Training Manager position which involved me supporting the team as well as hiring new trainers, essentially keeping the business successful and improving on this level of success. All of this was by the age of 21 which means I went from being classed as a trainer who is unlikely to last longer than six months to the most successful trainer that had ever worked in the Oxford club.

I took the jokes about me being young as a compliment to my success and am proud to have turned the fortune of a club around as well as creating jobs for two friends of mine who both became ‘in demand’ trainers who earned between 2 and 3 times their previous wage.

I like that I am advancing in the industry while staying young and anyone who knows me will know how seriously I take the role. Studying and researching are tasks that separate the best in the field from the other 99%, a majority that no self-respecting trainer would want to be a part of.

My own training is based around building a strong body while staying in good shape (rather than being a lifter that puts on unnecessary extra weight to help with their totals). I decided that I needed to lead by example and took up fitness modelling, after all- if your trainer can’t take their top off and resemble something that shows they can achieve the results they talk about then you shouldn’t be with them.

I approach my training sessions with sound science and maximum contribution. It is important that you don’t spend longer in the gym than you need to so it is vital that you make your time count; the same ethos I use with my own regime. I enjoy my work and intend to keep it that way which is why my clients should be those who are dedicated and happy to go the extra mile with their training.

I love the field and helping people progress so take pleasure in discussing any questions people have. I welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you.

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