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Ben Carpenter's Services

All services are aimed at working towards your goals most efficiently therefore any package you wish to choose is going to be person specific. To express interest or find out more information on any of these services please contact me by clicking here.

Private Training

1-on-1 personalised training designed for those who can see me in person and want to get the best results in the shortest space of time. Session length and frequency would be tailored to suit your schedule and your needs.

Biosignature Modulation

A concept created by the the world’s greatest strength coach Charles Poliquin. This looks at the fat storage patterns in your body and then optimises your hormone levels to create faster and more effective fat loss.

Massage Therapy

Soft tissue release to improve posture and performance. Massage sessions can be sports or relaxation based and will use techniques depending on your needs.

1 Month Online Programme Design

Programmes designed for those who would prefer to follow a programme than training with me in person. It can suit those with unpredictable schedules and anyone who travels a lot. This works out to be very cost effective.

Telephone Consultations

For clients who cannot see me in person.

Metabolic Type Testing

Optimise your health, blood sugar levels and body composition. This concept is aimed at finding which foods work best for your body creating a favourable environment for fat loss. Questionnaires are sent for you to fill in and send back.

Corporate Health Consultancy

Improve the productivity of your business by improving the health and vitality of your employees. A wide range of options are available to help suit your business.

Presentations and Seminars

Presentations at seminars, workshops and other events.

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