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I had been working out on my own for a year, but hadnít lost a lot of fat orgained much muscle and never seemed to get rid of the tyre around my waistor the fat on my pecs. My diet was very strict and I had read lots of bookson how to eat right and workout. Upon meeting Ben and having our initialchat, he instructed me on how I could change my diet, making it less strict,and what minerals I might be deficient in. After just 14 days following Benís advice and workout program, I lost over a kilo in weight and gainedsignificant amounts of muscle. I look noticeably more muscular, toned andthinner around the stomach. I would never have believed the amount my body has changed in such a short space of time. People are noticing a massive change in my shape and I am no longer shy of taking my top off. I would recommend Ben to anyone looking for a trainer. He really does know his stuff and his advice is always very useful. I wouldnít consider using anyone else for my gym sessions now that I have witnessed Benís results.
Chris Liau

I have trained myself for a few years now with the goal of getting a leaner body with more muscle mass. I researched a lot myself but I never really got the results I was looking for. I have now been training with Ben for just over a month and the results have been fantastic. Not only do the measurements show I am getting leaner but I visually look a lot leaner as well. I have definition to muscles I didnít have before and I am losing fat in areas where I didnít expect to. I can honestly say that if you put the effort in you will see great results quickly. I personally would not use anyone else now I have trained with Ben.
Sam Gilder

On a mission to bulk up...and despite going to the gym 3/4 times a week Iwas getting nowhere. This soon changed when I started training with Ben. In just three months I put on just under 10kg of muscle and my strength & fitness began to increase significantly. I was surprised by speed of which I achieved these results. Whilst training with Ben I have achieved many of my goals in just 6 months. It has helped to improve my overall performence on the cricket pitch aswell as improving my diet & nutrition. He knows his stuff, and I would recommend to anyone wanting to achieve quick results.
Harry Williams

I've been pretty happy with my training and body shape apart from my legs;
they've always been a bugbear of mine and I've never been able to lean them
up regardless of my training or nutrition regime.. I approached Ben and in
10 days of following his advice I dropped 25% of the total bodyfat from my
legs... absolutely awesome!  If it hadn't happened to me I wouldn't have
believed it!
Emma Brace - Personal Trainer

I considered my level of training and nutrition knowledge to be pretty advanced, so when i hit a serious sticking point i came to Ben for a proper dietary arse-kicking and that's what i received. Along with some new and inspiring workout routines. Using Ben's Bio-sig experience I was able to lower my body fat in 12 weeks, where previously i had made no progress in that area for months. Ben's knowledge is very in depth and i would recommend him as a committed and passionate trainer who seems able to deliver results even to the most biologically stubborn of clients!
James Ellis - Personal Trainer

Reading his web site I wasn’t sure he would want to take on a very overweight midlife woman. I was reassured by the initial meeting where he tested my commitment and motivation. After less than 4 weeks I'm significantly fitter, and I've lost over a stone in weight and with a desire to do exercise – I look forward to going to the gym. Ben recommends regular measurement sessions and I've lost 3.5cm off bust and hips and more around my middle. Thanks Ben, I would not have made this amount of progress without you.
Denise Taylor

I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and the muscular strength I have and this was only in the space of 6 weeks! I never thought I would be able to see and feel the significant changes I did in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their appearance and strength in a short space of time. He is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goals.
Matt Macrow

I used to do five 40 minutes cardio sessions and four weight training sessions a week and wasn't really seeing the result i should form that kind of effort. When i started training with Ben we cut this down to four 1 hour sessions a week and within six weeks i had lost over an inch off my waist and my upper body improved more than it had in the prevoius year of training. Ben is also good at motivating you without making you feel like you are training for the marines!
Jimmy Cockerton

After only 2 weeks of working with Ben I have already noticed a difference. My strength for Tae Kwon Do is improving and people are already commenting on how I look slimmer! Ben has helped me to improve my diet and I feel fitter and healthier.
Anika Osborne

Since meeting Ben and starting my first PT session two months ago Ben has helped me realise what I have been doing wrong for so many years. In the two short months of training with him i have dropped two dress sizes.
Christene Richards

“I first met Ben when I interviewed him for a Personal Trainer position in my team, 4 years ago. It soon became very apparent that Ben was extremely professional and an outstanding motivator, exceptionally dedicated to achieving goals and well educated. He just never stops learning and teaching you new things. He not only motivated his clients, but also motivated my Personal Training team to new heights and outstanding levels of success within their own Personal Training businesses. He truly does “lead by example”. It became a no brainer to actually put Ben in charge of the Personal Training team at Oxford LA Fitness and I was able to focus on other regional tasks. I trusted Ben completely to run my business to the exceptionally high standards I required. My Oxford Personal Training team were always the least of my worries and also always performed to the highest levels under Ben’s management. He is amazing at helping people achieve levels of performance that they only dreamed possible.

I wouldn’t trust my business nor my own training to just anyone, especially as I train and mentor Personal Trainers myself. I trust Ben completely with my business, my health and his professionalism in helping me achieve my own training goals and physical performance levels. If you are serious about achieving outstanding levels of performance and you want to have a fun and friendly professional to help you, GO SEE BEN!”
Liezl Jacobs

"From previously working alongside Ben I was amazed and startled at what he did for both clients and the gym. From either knowing or speaking to Ben's clients, I can personally tell you off hand that all of them have had a huge sense of fulfilment through Ben's training.

He has an endless amount of tools in his box and always keeping up with the latest research; backing all that he puts into practice with science and data. He will always listen and put clients first, delivering the fastest results possible by applying his vast knowledge of the health and fitness world.

Ben has opened up a huge demand for Personal Training and has been a huge influence on myself and other trainers and although he no longer works with us his name and reputation is still talked about with many left overwhelmed by his results".
Chris Hall - Personal Trainer (LA Fitness Oxford)

"Ben trained me for a total of 20, one hour sessions over the course of five weeks in order to address my deficiencies in muscle strength and speed. Playing as a winger or centre forward, the ability to have a good turn of pace as well as instant acceleration is obviously vital and this was the main focus of our training. Without the time he put in, there is absolutely no way I would be playing for a professional contract this summer.

Over the training period, my 100m time improved from 11.7 to 10.9 seconds – pretty remarkable considering this was only achieved in 35 days. Currently, I can comfortably dip under 11 seconds on grass whilst wearing football boots, even if conditions are heavy. On a track, I have run below 10.4 seconds. 60m/30m sprint times travelling with the ball also tumbled respectively by more than half a second (I suppose in terms of football these measurements are far more relevant) as my acceleration improved dramatically.

Ben utilised simple yet highly effective exercises such as deadlift and squat to their maximum potential. It is obvious that he trains through exercises that are proven to give the best results, not the ones which may turn heads in a gym for technical difficulty offering precious little else. For him, training is about self-improvement, not the massaging of an ego, and I feel that this is a vital distinction. His belief in doing the basics well was apparent and there seems to be a clear indication that the end result is the only thing he strives for. He places a massive emphasis towards technique, as much of his training incorporates not only enhanced performance but also protection from injuries in the future. From experience, a trainer of Ben’s calibre is hard to come by: not only will he attempt to achieve your results in the gym; he will also work with you on lifestyle/diet/fitness etc. changes to ensure wholesale improvements are not just for the present but also for weeks and months to come.

Ben cannot work miracles over just one or two sessions, but given a fortnight or a month, the benefits will be obvious and guaranteed! Also, in a training relationship, he manages to strike a perfect balance between the disciplined and structured trainer during a session, and a laid-back advice-giving friend away from it. The levels of his commitment are absolutely fantastic and provided you put in the effort, the results will speak for themselves".
Name (Undisclosed at Client's Request)
Occupation: Footballer

"I cannot recommend Ben highly enough as a trainer and exercise coach. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purpose; but, what really sets him apart is the speed and accuracy with which he tuned into not just my personal goals but also my particular workout preferences, with the result that his programmes and sessions are both targeted and enjoyable. Ben also very quickly worked out how far I thought I could be pushed, how far I actually could be pushed: and then pushed me a bit further than that, so that I'm now working out at a level I would never have considered a year ago. His enthusiasm for his clients' progress is obvious, and he is never less than encouraging".
Stuart Brown

"After years of training spent running in the gym and never reaching my goals, I decided to finally give personal training a try. I found Ben Carpenter’s sessions to be fun and varied. For the first time in years I have the motivation to get to the gym regularly and I love the challenge of working towards my next training session. Ben has been great at making me feel comfortable talking about my goals and working out. Best of all, in just 4 months I started to reach goals I never thought I would see. I didn’t think personal training would be for me, but it turns out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made".
Dan H

"There have been many occasions when I joined a gym, went once or twice and never went again. For this reason, I didn't have high expectations of my own ability to commit when I joined LA Fitness in Oxford. What made the difference this time was setting up a training programme with Ben. Not only is Ben an excellent trainer in the gym, keeping up motivation levels and knowing just how far to push you (without going over the top), but his knowledge of nutrition and the body is unsurpassed. Most importantly, training with Ben was fun: we never took ourselves too seriously, and we had many laughs! Having moved from Oxford to London, my main concern now is finding a trainer who will be on the same level as Ben".
Simon Owens

"I haven't known Ben for too long; only 18 months. However, in that time he has given me a lot of advice and tips that I have followed. I used to go to the gym two or three times a week, firstly to lose weight and then more recently to bulk up and was starting to hit a wall where I wasn't seeing much more gain. After some tips from Ben - namely stop thrashing myself and go more often, I am really seeing the difference. Although my weight has stayed constant, I have lost more than two inches from my waist and my shirts are now tight across my shoulders and chest and not the middle like they used to. I feel so much better, my girlfriend would agree too!

Ben's approach to nutrition may be a bit extreme for most people, but his attitude and beliefs can be easily put into a more everyday person's daily diet. I have started to slowly incorporate these into my life too. It is difficult, I must admit, but again the results speak volumes.

If you were looking for someone as a training mentor, PT instructor or even for just a basic technical tip, I would highly recommend a chat with Ben. He is extremely approachable and friendly, but watch out for that sense of humour"!
Damien Skinner

"Having been steady-state training for about 8 years, I decided I needed a boost to not only my physical training but also my mental approach and diet/supplement regime as well. So I enlisted Ben's help. Over the next 6 weeks he proceeded to change my whole approach to diet/supplements and training - not only reinvigorating my mental attitude but also helping me make significant gains in building lean muscle. His approach is religiously professional and his knowledge of human physiology and modern/new training techniques is first rate".
Steve Higgott

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